Community Rules

Rule #1

Respect Your Fellow Mommy

Rule #2
Flaming, Bashing & Trolling

Rule #3
Keep it PG-13

Rule #4
Keep it Private & Safe

Rule #5
Our Managers & Moderators

Rule #6
Impersonating Other Users / Accessing Another User's Account

Rule #7
Advertising, Spamming and Unsolicited Messages

Rule #8
Promoting Other Local Forums/Groups

Rule #9
Duplicate Posts, Bumping and Shout Outs

Rule #10
Charitable Requests

Rule #11
Business Reviews

Event Code of Conduct

A Final Note

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Community Rules

This community is provided to allow our members to get to know each other and support each other as and as individuals. To ensure that this community can continue to provide this benefit to our members, we require you to abide by the rules as outlined below. It is the obligation of each member of to be familiar with these rules and to honor them at all times. Failure to follow these rules will result in a request to alter your post, your post being deleted and/or a warning from a member of our Leadership Team. Accumulate three warnings and your account will be permanently banned.

These rules apply across our Network. If you are a member of multiple TMN communities you must respect the privacy of members on each community, as well as the site leadership. Likewise, if your spouse is a member of a TMN community you must also respect her privacy as well. Failure to adhere to these rules may affect your membership in all TMN communities.

Rule #1 -- Respect Your Fellow Mommy
The number one rule here is to respect each other. We all come from different places, different families and different situations. With a large group of people, it is inevitable that some will not get along with others. However, each member here deserves respect. Criticizing a member on the forums or at an event will not be tolerated. If disagreements do occur, we expect them to be handled privately and not in the forums or at chapter events. Any behavior deemed disrespectful to a member or to chapter or The Mommies Network management will result in a warning. If you are unsure if your behavior is unacceptable, it probably is. If you feel you are being personally attacked in any way, please notify the management immediately by emailing us at
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Rule #2 -- Flaming, Bashing & Trolling
We expect you to treat other members on this chapter as you would expect to be treated. Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Public criticism of another member of our network or posting topics specifically to provoke a negative response from an individual, group or the entire community is not acceptable. These posts will be deleted and may result in a warning. Repeated patters of negative behavior, where a member is specifically targeting and inciting argumentative discussion with another member is considered bullying. This behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a warning. Posts are considered "negative posts" when they do not add to the conversation and have specific intent of hurting or calling out a member or members, including, but not limited to: name calling, use of negative emoticons and statements specifically made to undermine the ideas, thoughts or statements of one or more members.
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Rule #3 -- Keep it PG-13
The content of our community should be fit for a 'PG-13' audience. Do not post any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, graphically sexual, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, URL or image. This includes swearing, graphic discussions about sex, and racial slurs.
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Rule #4 -- Keep it Private & Safe
Respect the privacy of each other and of our leadership team. Information learned in private (including, but not limited to: private messages, emails, face-to-face conversations or on private forums) cannot be shared without the express permission of the member(s) involved. Likewise, information learned from any forum or event cannot be shared outside of our community without the express permission of the member(s) involved. Never divulge any private or personal information about another person in our Network (including their real name) without their express permission to do so.

We do everything possible to keep this a safe community, but this is the Internet. Members are encouraged to do their own due diligence when engaging with new people. Do not post your address or phone number in our forums. Please use our private messaging system to relay personal information.
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Rule #5 -- Our Leaders
The chapter leadership team consists entirely of community volunteers. Their job is to keep the forums productive, positive and supportive for our members. Moderators have the ability to edit and/or delete posts should the occasion warrant. The moderator's decision is final and any attempt to change their edits or repost a deleted thread will be cause for warning. If you feel that your post has been edited or deleted in error, please email and we will review the situation.

In order to be respectful of the hard work of our volunteers, public criticism of chapter and TMN leadership on the forums or at chapter events will not be permitted. We welcome you contact us privately with any concerns regarding chapter or TMN Leadership and we will be happy to address your concerns promptly:

For concerns regarding.... ... please contact:
a chapter moderator or manager the Chapter Manager(s)
PM: alaynasmommy, momof2
a chapter manager the TMN Support Team
PM: TMN Support Team
(one of) the TMN Support Team the TMN Senior Advisors
PM: TMN Senior Advisors
(one of) the TMN Senior Advisors

Heather Fortune, Founder & President
PM: heather

For general feedback regarding the chapter or TMN, please contact us at
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Rule #6 -- Impersonating Other Users / Accessing Another User's Account
Sharing of memberships or screen names is not allowed. You may not impersonate another community member by using their account, allow others to access your account, attempt to access another account, or create more than one account for any reason. You are responsible for keeping your log-in information, including your password, private. Knowingly or unknowingly allowing anyone else to access your account will result in a yellow card to all accounts involved. Fraudulently accessing another account in our Network will result in two yellow cards on all legitimate accounts on our Network.
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Rule #7 -- Advertising, Spamming and Unsolicited Messages
Contacting a member via email or private message to sell or promote your business is strictly prohibited, unless they have specifically requested the information.

Advertisements or offers for sale or purchase of goods or services are limited to the Buy/Sell/Trade/Free and Products/Services forums. Posts of this nature located in any other forum will be deleted or moved without notice. Participation in the above forums is limited to active members and a minimum post-count may be required to participate.

Text-only advertisements are allowed in your signature. Only members who have Business Level Memberships are allowed to have graphics advertising a business in their signature lines. For more information regarding a business-level membership, please contact

The Mommies Network recognizes the importance of local business to our communities and provides many opportunities for local businesses to engage with our members. For more information about chapter sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at
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Rule #8 -- Promoting Other Local Forums/Groups
Promoting other local community-focused (not education focused) parenting groups via our forums or private messaging system is not permitted without expressed permission of The Mommies Network. It took a lot of work to get where we are today, and we appreciate others not using the results of our efforts to benefit competing organizations. The Mommies Network often establishes relationships with organizations that enhance our members’ support, and organizations are encouraged to contact us via to discuss cross-promotional opportunities.
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Rule #9 -- Duplicate Posts, Bumping and Shout Outs
Posting duplicate posts across multiple forums is highly discouraged. Bumping a post (replying just to push it up the list) and posting expressly to increase your post count is not allowed. Please refrain from having personal conversations with individuals on the forums: our Private Message system should be utilized for these types of conversations.
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Rule #10 -- Classifieds and Charitable Requests
PeninsulaMommies and The Mommies Network are in no way involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers on the forums, or in unverified charitable requests. We accept no responsibility or liability for the legality, safety, accuracy, or legitimacy of the items and charitable requests listed on the forums by our members. All interested parties accept full responsibility for any transactions transpiring through the chapter’s forums.
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Rule #11 -- Business Reviews
Members are encouraged to post business reviews, but asked to please keep posts about business, organizations and professionals limited to your own personal experience. Negative feedback about a business could destroy someone's livelihood, so keep your posts factual and avoid name-calling and hearsay. Posts that violate this rule may be removed without notice.
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Event Code of Conduct

These guidelines are in place to ensure a supportive and positive event experience for our members’ and their children. Please adhere to these guidelines so that everyone can enjoy the event!

  • Please remember that all chapter rules and guidelines are applicable at chapter events.

  • Members shall refrain from obscene and abusive language and gestures, gossip or other harassing behavior. Members who continue to engage in such behavior may be asked to leave the event.

  • All members shall be considerate and respectful to the property of other members.

  • Each member is responsible for her own child or children. Please remove your child from the immediate area if discipline is required. If your child displays aggressive behavior (including, but not limited to: hitting, biting, spitting, kicking, etc.), or is otherwise putting other children in danger, please remove him or her from the immediate area until the behavior can be corrected. If the aggressive behavior continues, the parent may be asked to leave the event. Members with children who are consistently aggressive at chapter events may be asked to refrain from attending events until the aggressive behavior can be contained and corrected, in order to protect the safety of the group at large.

  • For the health and safety of all our moms and kids, please stay home if you or your child show any of these symptoms within the past 24 hours:
    • a temperature of 100 degrees or higher
    • diarrhea or vomiting
    • a rash
    • eye, ear or nasal discharge, other than clear
    • sore throat

  • You should remain at home until you/your child are/is free of symptoms for 24 hours. This is for your protection as resistance is low when you are ill and you are more susceptible to other infections.

  • Members will not use events as a way to promote their business. It's fine to discuss what you do and answer questions but unsolicited product/service information during events is not permitted.

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A Final Note
Since we can't have a rule to cover everything, this is the rule to, well, cover everything. These are public forums, so please behave like you would if you were in a public place. PeninsulaMommies and The Mommies Network reserve the right to choose the guidelines of objectionable content based on its knowledge of users and company policy. These issues are left to the discretion of the leadership team, but may include any material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, misleading, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, racist, sexist, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy or that otherwise violates any law or encourages conduct constituting a criminal offense. PeninsulaMommies and The Mommies Network reserve the right to amend these rules at any time without notice.
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