Welcome to PeninsulaMommies!

  • Posted on: 29 November 2014
  • By: heather

As part of The Mommies Network, PeninsulaMommies is a free community for moms in Peninsula Area of Hampton Roads, Virginia. We realize that all moms need local support -- and who can't use another friend? PeninsulaMommies offers a simple way to connect with local moms for friendship, support and fun. Each month, we offer many face-to-face events for our members, their children and their families. Our members also have access to our private discussion forums to share information on everything from where to get the best haircut to tips on transitioning to a "big kid" bed.

The Beach Bums Children's Consignment Sale is back for the fall season!

  • Posted on: 23 July 2013
  • By: heather

This is the seventh seasonal sale for Beach Bums. Founders Kim and Leah are sisters-in-law who really enjoy consignment shopping and saving! They shopped these sales elsewhere for their own children and decided to start their own sale on the peninsula. 

Public Sale Dates - Thursday July 25 5-9 public sale opening 

Friday July 26 9am-7pm public sale 

Saturday July 27 10am-1pm half price sale 

Interested in shopping early?